Press Coverage Received by Design A Mosaic.

Nickelodeon's Parents Connect

Nickelodeon's ParentsConnect recommends Design A Mosaic in their Daily Goods Product Guide.

Cosmo Girl

CosmoGIRL chose Design A Mosaic in their 2008 Valentine's Day Gift Guide (slide 4 of 8). CosmoGIRL writes "This is certainly a gift that you'll treasure for a long time."

Christian Science Monitor

The Christian Science Monitor chose Design A Mosaic as a "Monitor Picks" in their December 21st, 2007 edition. CSM writes " takes your photographs and spins them into grand mosaics of striking color".

The Phoenix

The Phoenix chose Design A Mosaic as one of the "Personalized gifts they have to keep" in their article . The article, "Just For Him Or Her", is a guide to personalized gifts for the 2007 Christmas season. The Phoenix is a nationally known, award winning newspaper.


"Thank you so much for all of your help. You have to be the BEST Customer Service service I have ever received from a company. I have forwarded your website on to several friends in hopes that they will do business with you."
-Gena W.

"I just got my picture in the mail today, and it is amazing!! I could not believe how great it came out. I will be ordering more in the future."
-Theresa F.