Selecting The Best Photos For Your Photo Mosaic

Here are some tips to help you choose the best possible background photo and cell photos for your photo mosaic.

Background Photo

  • Choose a simple photo - complex details get lost in the mosaic process.
  • Choose a high quality photo - make sure your photo is high resolution.
  • Choose the right size - choose a photo that matches the shape of your photo mosaic.

Cell Photos

  • Submit as many as you can - the more cell photos you can include the better.
  • Medium or high resolution - make sure your photos are medium or high resolution.
  • Matching colors - choose photos that go well with your background photo.

Background Photo Guidelines

Simple photos work better as background photos because complex details are lost in the photo mosaic process. If a photo contains people, it's better if its a close up photo of their faces rather than a wide angle picture that includes their entire bodies.

Close-up-200 Distant-200
The close-up photo on the left will work better than the wide angle shot on the right.

Choose a high quality photo that is both high resolution and a clear picture. We recommend a resolution of at least 1200x1600 pixels (2 megapixels). Generally digital camera photos work better than scanned photos.

Choose a background photo that is the same shape as your photo mosaic. For example, a 20x30 photo mosaic should have a background photo that has a 2:3 or 3:2 length:width ratio. The background photo can be either portrait or landscape, but it will need to fit in a 20x30 rectangle. If your background photo isn't exactly the right size, we will be happy to crop it by hand for you. If possible, we'll make sure no important details are cropped out.

Cell Photo Guidelines

All of your photos will most likely work well as cell photos. We encourage you to submit as many as you can, and we don't charge extra no matter how many you submit. Generally, we recommend mosaics be made have at least 50 cell photos.